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Arkianism is a polytheistic religion mostly found in Arkia. The religion traces its roots to nearly 3,000 years ago, as records dated at roughly 800 BCE indicate that Arkianism was once a sub-branch of Urvuunism.

Records also tell the tale of various religious wars between followers of different gods under Urvuun, until the first Triumvirate was founded in 493 BCE. The alliance between followers of Arkia, Rhaan, and Astola overpowered the remaining groups and soon formed the Arkian Empire. Though Arkia became the main religious figure, Astola and Rhaan were recognized as extremely significant figures worthy of recognition from all subjects of the Empire. Throughout Arkian history, the religion has been the mainstay of public belief. Even in modern times, with secularism and other ideologies spreading through Arkia, nearly 73% identify as Arkian, whereas no other religious or ethnic demographic claims more than 8%.