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Archmont (English, Luxdonian)
Ažmondijas (Prodizian)
Arsmondija (Otrovian)
Arçeamünt (Whitianan)
Archmondus (Latin)
Arcmondo (Avendonian)
Arcmonija (Aelerian)
Bebnutgezötun [Slang] (Arsfarszkan)
Euskodi (Phalossian)
Easmarak (Phoronsian)
Archmonska (Redwolfian)
Area TBA
Population TBA
Density TBA

Archmont is a diverse region in Enukora, home to diverse cultures, languages and ethnic groups. The native population of Archmont are unique from one another and no two people are alike. There is also heavy economic activity going on in Archmont, and the populace are benefiting from this matter. It is noted that Archmont is the most heavily populated region in Enukora, and therefore, major hubs for international companies are located in the region of Archmont.


Archmont has a very varied climate. The south is definitely warmer than the north, with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures can go from 20°C to 30°C in the summer while winters are typically between 20°C and 25°C. The northern part is cooler with mild summers and cold winters. Snowfall is also present in these parts of Archmont, where temperatures reach up to 20°C in the summer and -10°C to 5°C in the winter. Strangely the weather in Icewraith Industries defies logic, as it always seems to be cold even though it's in the middle of the continent. The extreme north, is the coldest region of Archmont, and has a temperature range of -40°C to -25°C in winter, while only 0°C to 5°C in summer. Archmont has one of the highest snowfall rates in Enukora.


Archmont is home to a massive economy specializing in different things. Prodizi mostly specializing in automobile production, while Dio Rias, Aeleria, Lucidar and Icewraith Industries are specialized in the IT industry. Illuminati Switzerland has the largest timber industry. Great Slavyaniya has a huge arms manufacturing industry. Arsfarszka has the top mining industry.

Recent Events

Recently in Archmont, the Formicinus-Prodizi War has taken place after an M.P. from Formicinus was almost assassinated by an unknown man when he was visiting Prodizi. As such, Formicinus declared war upon Prodizi. Some countries took sides, including Great Slavyaniya, Skywing, and Belguard on Prodizi's side, while Formicinus hired mercenaries from the Salius Legion. However, many more countries stayed neutral.

More recently, however, was the Fareon-Riassan War. With embargoes and rising tensions, Fareoland bombed the capital of Dio Rias, Panyan. Over 700 million people had to be evacuated. Greater Zopern and Theoma quickly declared war upon Dio Rias, while Prodizi, Skywing, Belguard, and Illuminati Switzerland joined Dio Rias. In secret, Lotylay allied with Fareoland.

After the Allies bombed Greater Zopern and Fareoland, Lotylay launched 4 nuclear missiles at the capitals of the allies of Dio Rias. None of them hit their intended targets. In an act of anger, Lotylay committed a terrorist attack in Beskad. With the introduction of Great Slavyaniya on Dio-Rias's side along with the destruction of satellites and radar stations, Lotylay and Theoma capitulated to the Allies, with their leaders fleeing to Sudras Numar, a neutral country. Recently, Redwolfs empire has joined in the war on their own side hitting Belguard with nuclear payloads. With an economic embargo and Belguardian nuclear retaliation, they surrendered.

On the 21st of December, 2016, a number of powerful nations in South Archmont broke away to form the Southern Archmont Treaty Organization (known as SATO). In response to this and to counter SATO, a group of North Archmont nations formed the North Archmont Treaty Organization (known as NATO). This organization was founded by The Free States of Liberty along with Luxdonia and Skywing. In response to SATO's existence, and to promote their regional power, Pelinnia declared war on SATO, but the country dissolved before any major damage could be done.

On January 2nd, the Battle of the GEA had occurred, ending on January 4th. This caused uprage in Archmont.

Major Nations

The major nations of Archmont are: Avendonia, Luxdonia, Icewraith Industries, Illuminati Switzerland, Prodizi, Skywing, Belguard, Arsfarszka, etc.

The current superpowers are: Great Slavyaniya

Countries in Archmont

List of Nations in Archmont
Long formal name Short name Population Capital city Language Currency
Aeleria flag.jpg - The Dominion of Aeleria Aeleria 278,623,573 Resmigja Aelerian Credit
Avendonia flag.jpg - The Cuningrico Elago of Avendonia Avendonia 978,750,000 Lorostada Avendonian Denario
Formicinus flag.jpg - The Federation of Formicinus Formicinus 326,023,746 Tarnakkan Latin, Tarnakian Solidus
The Icewraith Islands flag.jpg - The Republic of The Icewraith Islands The Icewraith Islands 50,430,700 Trinaca English, German, Russian Neo Reichsmark
Luxdonia flag.png - The Kingdom of Luxdonia Luxdonia 2.988 billion Sanford Luxdonian Crown
Otrovija flag.png - The Republic of Otrovija Otrovija 297,045,000 Ostran Otrovian Tropovis
Prodizi.png - The People's Socialist State of Prodizi Prodizi 301,984,000 Šarilys Prodizian Prat
Phalossia Flag.png - The Kingdom of Phalossia Phalossia 38,483,000 Relvala Phalossian Phalos
Phor.png - The Kingdom of Phoronsia Phoronsia 21,039,000 Aumeno Phoronsian Phoron
Illuminati.jpg - The Capitalist Cheese Federation of Illuminati Switzerland Illuminati Switzerland 230,102,000 Pyro City English, German Cheese Franc
Icewraith Industries flag.jpg - The Empire of Icewraith Industries Icewraith IND [classified] Icewraithgrad German, Russian, Reformed English Neo Reichsmark
Lotylay flag.jpg - The United Socialist Empire of Lotylay Lotylay 223,374,205 Manistai English, German, Russian Amar
Lucidar flag.png - The Allied States of Lucidar Lucidar NS: 573,000,000 Lucidine English, German, French Kron
Arsfarszkanflag.png - The Monarchic Republic of Arsfarszka Arsfarszka 837,540,900 Naszkania English, Russian, Arsfarszkan Szkan Coin
Hemuraileflag.png - The Democratic Republic of Hemuraile Hemuraile 26,248,100 Neyunis English, Hemuraili Tate
Redwolf.png - The Radically Extreme Empire of Redwolfs Empire Redwolfs Empire 559,201,547 Niask English, Redwolfian,Polish Riskavi
Dio rias.jpg - The Unified Central Republics of Dio Rias Dio Rias 336,000,000 Panyan English, Spanish, Luxdonian Rio

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