Aquidish Heritage Community

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Comunità Aquidish del Patrimonio
Aquidish Heritage Community
HeadquartersPalazzo Nereto
Torden, Aquidneck
Official language Aquidish
 -  President of the Community Mayawi Siwan Do
 -  Quaestor Songdang Son Sung-Yun
Establishment March 23, 1998

The Aquidish Heritage Community (Aquidish: Comunità Aquidish del Patrimonio) is an intergovernmental organization made up of nations across five continents that have had a historical link to the Kingdom of Aquidneck. The organization is made up of mostly former colonies of Aquidneck and countries with large Aquidish expat populations. The community is a multilateral forum for cooperation among its members as well as a trade organization.


The idea for the Aquidish Heritage Community had been floating around liberal Aquidish academic and political circles since the mid 1980s. The idea was for the various former colonies of Aquidneck to join together into a group with their former colonizer to cooperate together on common issues and projects. It was not until 1995 under the premiership of Venerio D'Angelo that Aquidneck began to reach out and look for interested nations. In 1997 the original three nations, Aquidneck, the Union of Vestric Socialist Syndicates, and Isolaprugna met together in the capital of Isolaprugna, Costapunente. The President of Isolaprugna at the time, Persono Surnamini, has been credited with largely laying out the structures and organization of the Community as it stands today.

The Community was officially established on 23 March, 1998. The First Quaestor, Caecina Ursus, was uniamously chosen by the member states. The following year in 1999 the AHC voted to accept its first new member, Carcossica. In 2000 the AHC launched its Education Millennium Initiative which saw it funding various Aquidish language programs and facilitating links between universities and schools in the member states. The nations of Songdang and Sidi Synnia were voted in as a new member in late 2000. After them in 2002 Motsvara joined the organization. In 2006 the Culture Exchange Program was established. The program facilitates cultural exchanges between the member states.

In 2017 the Community discussed the ongoing civil wars in Kavo and Aramas and issued a joint declaration expressing wishes for peace. Some of the members even pledged to accept more refugees from the conflict zones. There are ongoing discussions about creating a joint humanitarian aid operation under the auspices of the Community. At the beginning of 2018 the newest member, Nordhurlant, joined the community.


Palazzo Nereto the headquarters of the AHC.

The Aquidish Heritage Community is lead by the President of the Community which is rotated yearly between the heads of government of the member nations. The President presides over the yearly conference, which is traditionally held in the President's nation. The current President of the Community is Cunégonde Soulougue, Consul of the Union of Vestric Socialist Syndicates.

Day to day administrative tasks are run by the Quaestor and his or her staff. The Quaestor serves for 7 years or until they retire or are removed from office. When the office is vacant, each member state is able to nominate a candidate to fill the position. Nominees can be nominated by more than one member state. The member states then vote on the nominees. The nominee with over 50% of the vote is then sworn in as the new Quaestor.

The Quaestor's office is located in the headquarters of the AHC, Palazzo Nereto, on the outskirts of Torden in Aquidneck. The current Quaestor is Son Sung-Yun of Songdang. The AHC also maintains offices in Costapunente, Endeavor, Daesun, and Statjathady.

List of Quaestors
Name Years of Service Nation of Origin
Caecina Ursus 1998 - 2005  Union of Vestric Socialist Syndicates
Tarcisio Castellano 2005 - 2012  Aquidneck
Enrico Favia 2012 - 2019  Isolaprugna
Son Sung-Yun 2019 - Present  Songdang


The Aquidish Heritage Community was formed as a multilateral forum to deepen mutual cooperation and friendship among the member nations. So far the efforts of the community have largely been cultural, educational, and scientific. Some examples of projects run by the AHC include increasing Aquidish language programs across Aeia, allowing students in member states to study abroad or apply to university in other nations easier, and cultural festivals.

There have been some calls for closer economic, political, and military cooperation, however no major moves have been made to do so and experts say it would be difficult with the differences in political and economic systems between the members.


The founding members of the Aquidish Heritage Community are Aquidneck, the Union of Vestric Socialist Syndicates, and Isolaprugna. In 1999 Carcossica joined the Community and a year later in 2000 both Songdang and Sidi Synnia joined the community. In 2002 Motsvara in Vestrim joined the organization. After some initial resistance from Aquidneck and significant debate the Aquidish Overseas Regions of Mayawi and Almira were granted full membership in 2006. The newest member to join was Nordhurlant at the start of 2019.

Joining the Community

To join the Community a nation must apply to the current members, who then must vote to approve. A simple majority vote is all that is needed to receive membership status. Abstentions do not count against the applicant in an votes.

There is no criteria for applying to become a member and it is down to the member states to decide if a nation deserves membership or not. Generally a strong cultural or historical link to Aquidneck or the other member nations is the minimum required by the members.

Future Members

Aramas, Ashihara, Vvarden and Araabyne are all potential candidates for future membership, due to their colonial links to Aquidneck. However, their political climates and diplomatic relationship with the current members make it unlikely that they would join the organization. Though recent developments in Araabyne and Nordhurlant have seen renewed interest in their joining the community.


The flag of the AHC is split into four squares to represent the founding nations of the organization. The four colors found on the flag, green, gold, white, and blue were chosen because they are colors used in the flags of the founding members. The waves in the center of the flag represent the maritime history that connects the members of the organization.

The flag is flown outside the Palazzo Nereto which is headquarters of the AHC, alongside the flags of each of the members. Additionally, the flag is flown at each of the offices located in the capital cities of the member states. Each member is free to fly to fly the flag alongside their own as they see fit. In Aquidneck the AHC flag is found flying outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.