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The Republic of Antidem
Ɇɴ†ʒҵɞʒҭ ɞƣͱ Ԇƣ†ᶘͱʒɫƚ
Ântevdem dêl Rêtsleka
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Motto: Dêl Helet Rêtsleka iv Azeba!
Of the Republic noble in of God!
Anthem: Hiveto dêl Rêtsleka
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Antidem and its undisputed islands
CapitalAntidem City (Aêltesi)
Largest city Vortive
Official languages Antiden
Ethnic groups (2007) 96% Antiden
Religion Sunni Islam
Demonym Antiden
Government Parliamentary Monarchy
 -  Sultan Abdullah II Halefisi
 -  Prime Minister Iveshil Jumelvi
 -  Congressional Leader Juhn Yuxivi
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Grachsiv
 -  Lower house Grachvis
 -  Halefisi Dynasty Established Sultanate of Antidem February 2, 690 
 -  Total 48,540 km2
18,741 sq mi
 -  2007 census 23.93 million
 -  Density 493/km2
1,276.9/sq mi
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
 -  Total $138,465,201,800
Gini (2007)87.1
very high
HDI (2007)Decrease 0.432
Currency Antiden Dollar
Date format yyyy-mm-dd CE
Drives on the right
Calling code +812
Internet TLD .anm


Antidem has had a long history of rulers of which all have been documented, both in Arabic and in the Old Antiden Language. The documentation began around 267 B.C. implying a writing system had been on the island for some time though the early writing systems are non-relative to any of its neighbours. Prior to being invaded by Muslim Armies three times, Antidem was a society that had a religion established and adopted from its isolation and lack of foreign traders. The people were relatively trusting of the Turkic and Arabic peoples for some time since their discovery by Altörk in 100 B.C. The Antiden who came to the country soon became assimilated themselves to the Antiden language and customs. Eventually, the Turkic Peoples had mixed with the Antiden peoples.

Antiden Empire Era

See the Main Article: Antiden Empire

Antiden Empire Expansion


Effect on Antidem

Medieval History

Modern History

Foreign Policy


The Antiden Nationalist Party (Antiden (Romanticized): Ânteved Ândserkhekh Partiv) holds a vast majority of the parliament as well as control in the local governments. The party has been well reported to have ensured start up parties lack the power to contest the Nationalists with the last parliament votes showing a 89% support for the Nationalists. Many foreign states have denounced the AAP for being extremely hostile towards foreign ideals and beliefs as well as being responsible for Antidem's mass murders at events and of foreign aid officials. Though the party had banned stoning, the usage of firing squad on death sentences saw a large spike in usage afterwards as a consequence. Antidem's Islamic paramilitary organizations is reportedly responsible for 350,000 deaths each year, making itself responsible for 72% of all Antiden murders.

Human Rights Abuses

Antidem is well known for its abuse of wrong thinking citizens. A notable crude death ratio of 21/1000 per capita, making it the highest in Miyane. Most of these deaths are attributed to Islamic Paramilitary organizations of the government who strongly crackdown on governmental and religious opposition. Rumors back in 2013 also stated that death camps existed but these rumors have been proven surprisingly false. The nation still remains one of the lowest in terms of its human rights. Antidem also contains numerous unmarked mass graves from the era of mass murder of communist supporters. On the 9th of February in 2014, the Sultan Abdullah II Halefisi stated that a flower shall be planted for each killed in the era of mass murder. After the 9th of February, Antidem was well known temporarily for its expansive flower fields.


Antidem is well known for its Antidem City, which creates an urban culture in the otherwise expansively desolate deserts and hills of Antidem. Very few trees dot the landscape of the barren sands though many oases exist, the population of Antidem mostly resides in Antidem City away from the rural landscape where water is highly uncommon, however, the coastline is abundant in both fresh and salt water lakes.


A mostly oil run economy, Antidem boasts a third-world civilian economy with its average wage being $2,100 a year, while the rich occasionally see yearly salaries averaging $450,000. The economy is mostly stalled by the massive purges conducted by Antidem's government resulting in a weaker economy thanks to foreign sanctions on specific products entering Antidem. Antidem is responsible for a majority of oil exports in the world, however, due to a lack of luxury goods within the nation thanks to sanctions, inflation is rampant in the country.