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Spoken in Namor (
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Native speakers100 million (2015)
Language family
Writing systemChữ (𡦂)
Chữ Tây
Official status
Official language in
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Antelopia AR
Recognised minority language in Namor
Regulated byNo official regulation
Language codes
ISO 639-3ant

Antelopian (㗂伶洋) is the language of Antelopian people in the region of Antelopia of northeastern Namor. It is the official language of the Autonomous Republic of Antelopia, and enjoys the status of a minority language in the People's Republic of Namor. An Austro-Asiatic language with influence from neighboring languages such as Khao, Chorean and Namorese, it is spoken by 100 million people, most of whom are Antelopians and identify it as their first language.

It is the one of the few Asiatic languages in Namor that retains its traditional ideographic script based off of Namorese Tzihan, known as Chữ (𡦂), which is based off of Namorese Tzihan. There is a romanized script known as Chữ Tây that has some popularity, but isn't as widely used as Chữ among Antelopian-speaking people.


A page from an Antelopian language novel (c. 19th century)

Antelopian is believed to have developed from the various regional dialects that were spoken in the ancient Namorese northeast thousands of years ago. As Antelopians became a consolidated ethnic group with their distinct culture and society, a unified language came into being.

The Namorese language had a great influence on Antelopian, and to this day it still has many words that were borrowed from Namorese and altered in some shape or form. In addition, the ancient script of written Namorese, Tzihan, spread to the Antelopian community, which devised its own form of written language that includes some of the Namorese Tzihan characters plus many characters that were designed exclusively for Antelopian words.

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A typical exit sign in Antelopia. The larger text is in Antelopian; the smaller text below is in Namorese.

Use of Antelopian remained confined to Antelopian people only up until the foundation of the Antelopian Dynasty which ruled over all of Namor. Initially, the Antelopians tried to impose their language upon their Kannei subjects, albeit much success since the Kannei retained their own language. But the language nonetheless spread outside of the Antelopian homeland, and many non-Antelopians learned how to speak it, although not as a primary language. Antelopian, alongside Namorese, were the languages used in the imperial court.

The republican movement in Namor carried some anti-Antelopian sentiment, and therefore the participants of the Double Fourth Revolution encouraged Namorese to not learn or speak Antelopian.


This is a list of common phrases in Antelopian in both Chữ and Chữ Tây.

Greetings, salutations and farewells

  • 吀嘲 (Xin chào) - Hello
  • 嘲𣇜𤎜 (chào buổi sáng) - Good morning
  • 嘲𣇜朝 (chào buổi chiều) - Good afternoon
  • 嘲𣇜最 (chào buổi tối) - Good evening
  • 卒𣎀 (tốt đêm) - Good night
  • 爫世芇伴 (Làm thế nào bạn?) - How are you?
  • 𠸛𧶮伴羅之? (Tên của bạn là gì?) - What is your name?
  • 𠸛碎羅______ (Tên tôi là....) - My name is....
  • 暫別 (Tạm biệt) - Goodbye
  • 𠻷及又𠓨𣈗埋 (Hẹn gặp lại vào ngày mai) - See you tomorrow