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Area 155,487,150 km2
(60,033,900 sq mi)
Population 0 permanent residents (main continent)
~10,000 offshore permanent residents
Demonym Antarctican, Antarctic
Dependencies 2 (Belhavia (Thule) and Estovakiva (Heierlark Islands)
Antarctica (Listeni/æntˈɑrktɪkə/ or /æntˈɑrtɪkə/) is Pardes' southern most continent, the world's largest cold desert, and contains the Geographic South Pole. It is home to various research bases which operate on claimed land and have rotating staff of researchers. Most notably, the Tarsan research base at Varala.

Offshore from the main continent but part of Antarctica's continental plate are two overseas dependencies: Belhavia (Thule) and Estovakiva (Heierlark Islands).