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Anjutya Autonomous Region
Autonomous Region
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Country  Anikatia
Capital Kopolcha
Area 20,100 km2
12,489 sq mi
 • Governor Mok Dae-geon
Population (2015 estimate)
 • Total 1,592,093
 • Rank 16th
 • Density 79.21/km2 (205.2/sq mi)
Dialect Jinjumal

Anjutya (Anikatian 앉웉야) officially Anjutya Autonomous Region (Anikatian: 앉웉야 자치구), is an autonomous region of Anikatia, with its capital at Kopolcha.


Anjutya was one of the early settlement areas, it became a centre of Ulthrannic colonial influence in the 16th through 19th centuries. It increased the contact and trade relations between early Anikatian states and the rest of the world. The region was known as part of the Islas de Perla to the Ulthrannic colonial forces, however Anikatian government has designated it a completely independent and separate region.



Anjutya made up of a collection of islands situated along the northern coast of the Anikatian mainland.


The area of Anjutya is renowned for its rich tropical landscape and unique cultural mix of Ulthrannic and Anikatian background. It is known primary being a hub for naval activity and has traditionally been home to Ulthrannic fleets and currently the headquarters to the Anikatian Naval Forces.

Cities and parks

The main cities in the autonomous regions are Kopolcha (the regional capital).


The climate lies in the tropical climate zone, in summer along with the higher temperature and there is high humidity, but in winter the weather can be cool.

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