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Her Excellency

Angela Pavlovic
7th President of the Radiatian Federation
In office
January 30 LET 57 – October 10 LET 60
Vice PresidentVladimir Perry
Preceded byGregori Fyoderov
Succeeded byJaagen Autenberg
2nd Vice President of the Radiatian Federation
In office
July 30 LET 52 – January 30 LET 57
PresidentGregori Fyoderov
Preceded bySamuel Negasi
Succeeded byVladimir Perry
2nd Speaker of the Federal Assembly
In office
February 1, LET 46 – July 30, LET 52
PresidentKeldon Silviu
Preceded byRobert Kurzmann
Succeeded byBysse Goranov
Federal Assembly Minority Leader
In office
December 2, LET 44 – February 1, LET 46
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byRobert Kurzmann
Deputy Chairwoman of the Humanitarian League
In office
March 26, LET 34 – 30 April, LET 38
Member of the Radiatian Federal Assembly for Clode's 12th District
In office
July 1, LET 38 – July 30, LET 52
Personal details
Born Angela Tamzen Braun
20 March LAI 999 (age 51)
Roe, Clode
Political party Liberal-Conservative Party
Other political
Spouse(s) Arkadi Pavlovic
Alma mater University of Clode
Profession Diplomat

Angela Tamzen Pavlovic née Braun (born 20 March LAI 999) is a Radiatian politician who served as the 7th President of the Radiatian Federation, the first woman to ever hold this office. She ascended to the role following the Impeachment of Gregori Fyoderov, having served as his Vice President. She also served as the former Deputy Chairperson of the Humanitarian League prior to entering Radiatian politics.

Pavlovic was the representative for Clode's 12th District as a member of the Liberal-Conservative Party and has done since the election of LET 38 when she entered parliament as a member of the Conservative Party. Pavlovic was the mover of the Address in Reply debate at the opening of the 7th parliament.

Pavlovic served as the Federal Assembly Minority Leader for two years, until leading the Liberal-Conservative Party to victory in the LET 46, through her "Contract with Radiatia" campaign. The campaign resulted in the LCP gaining control of the Radiatian Federal Assembly as well as the Senate.

Prior to entering politics, Pavlovic was based in Aazeronia and served as the Deputy Chair of the Humanitarian League, making her at the time one of the most powerful and influential women in Noctur. Pavlovic organised two summits of the Humanitarian League and helped the draft the first charter. Pavlovic left the position in LET 38 to run for parliament in Radiatia. She was a vocal opponent of Radiatia's unilateral decision to withdraw from the HL.

Pavlovic describes her political position as "socially liberal but fiscally conservative". In the campaign of LET 46 she departed from traditional party lines regarding foreign aid and included provisions in the party manifesto which would allow the LCP to appropriate for small amounts of foreign aid to other Noctur nations, mainly in response to the LET 46 Exegrad Stockmarket Crash.

In LET 47, following a budget dispute with President Keldon Silviu, Pavlovic and Senate Majority Leader Alexander Ivanov refused to pass a continuing resolution, essentially shutting down the non-essential components of Radiatian Federal Government for a month.

Pavlovic ran for President of the Radiatian Federation in LET 48, but withdrew her campaign early after a poor showing in the primaries. She ran again in LET 52 and although she fared much better, she ultimately withdrew from the race in order to allow Gregori Fyoderov to defeat Alexander Ivanov for the nomination in exchange for a joint ticket with Fyoderov.

The ticket won the election and Pavlovic was inaugurated as Vice President on July 30th.

She is married to Arkadi Pavlovic, who served as Defence Minister in the Larssen Administration. The couple have no children.

Early Life

Angela Pavlovic was born Angela Tamzen Braun on March 20 LAI 999 in the city of Roe, Clode, the middle of three children.

She grew up in a suburban household in what was then considered to be a fairly well-to-do, middle class background. Her father was a high-ranking official in the local chapter of the Communist Party and her mother a housewife.

Pavlovic was 15 years old when the Radiatian People's Socialist Union collapsed. As little of the civil war had affected the state of Clode terribly much, neither Pavlovic nor her family were directly involved.

Her father served as an MP for their federal district, representing the Communist Party, although was defeated by a United Democrat in the LET 18 election. During this time Pavlovic finished high school and then moved to Hyuganburg to study foreign policy at the University of Clode.

At university, she joined the Workers Party and actively campaigned for and supported the Nazumi Administration as a student. On a trip to Xerconia, FCT she met a freshman Conservative MP called Arkadi Pavlovic who was 5 years her senior.

The two collected phone numbers, and she reportedly became romantically linked with him even after returning home to Clode. Eventually the two became engaged, and Pavlovic later dropped her Workers Party membership and changed allegiance to the Conservative Party.

The two married in LET 24, when she was aged 25.

Ambassador to the Humanitarian League

In LET 34, Pavlovic was sent to Aazeronia to serve as the Radiatian Federation's ambassador to the Humanitarian League, a newly formed organisation.

Within the organisation, Pavlovic became a high-ranking member and was named the Deputy Chairwoman. Pavlovic worked closely with world leaders, primarily Urias Gregariin and Lena Toriah, in order to foster the growth and extend the influence of the league, which was in its infancy at that point in time.

Pavlovic continued to both represent the Radiatian Federation at the league's headquarters in Aazeronia, and simultaneously oversee high-level administrative functions within the organisation until LET 38 when she resigned to run for parliament in the election of that year.

Political career

Pavlovic was elected to Parliament as a list MP for the Conservative Party, serving as a backbencher during the government of Soden Larssen. She gave the opening address to the 7th Federal Parliament, during which she spoke about the importance of individual liberty.

In LET 39, she led the campaign in favour of Radiatia remaining in the Humanitarian League, during the "Rexit Referendum". However she and her supporters were defeated by a considerable margin in the wake of an onslaught of anti-HL sentiment in the Radiatian Federation.

In the election of LET 42, Pavlovic ran for the constituency of Clode's 12th District - a safe "blue seat" which she won by a considerable margin. Had she remained a list MP, she would not have returned to serve in the 8th Federal Parliament.

After the death of Soden Larssen, Bill Alyaha promoted Pavlovic to serve on front benches of his new government, and announced his intention to have her replace Gregori Fyoderov as Foreign Affairs Minister. However, with the government of Alyaha collapsing within three days, Pavlovic never ended up serving on the Federal Cabinet.

"Contract With Radiatia"

Pavlovic retained her seat after the LET 44 election, and served as the Minority Leader on the newly created Federal Assembly.

During the mid-term election campaign of LET 46, Pavlovic and a number of other notable Liberal-Conservatives, such as Alexander Ivanov signed the "Contract With Radiatia", promising more prudence when dealing with fiscal matters and capitalising on growing dissatisfaction with the first two years of the Silviu Administration.

The LCP won the mid-term election in a landslide, gaining control of the Federal Assembly as well as the Senate. Pavlovic subsequently was elected the Speaker of the Federal Assembly.

Speaker of the Federal Assembly

Elected in the wake of the Exegrad Stockmarket Crash, Pavlovic initially chose to co-operate with President Keldon Silviu and supported his financial stimulus package.

However, she opposed many of the additional social programmes that Silviu wished to implement, such as allocating federal funding for education.

Pavlovic also oversaw the passage of controversial reforms to the Federal Health Service, which saw the privatisation of several FHS hospitals, and cut federal funding in favour of a model which saw state governments bear most of the funding burden. Although President Silviu vetoed the reforms, the veto was overturned by Parliament.

Federal Government Shutdown

Early in LET 47, disagreements between the LCP-controlled Federal Parliament and the Silviu Administration came to a head, with Silviu vetoing a number of continuing resolutions which he felt contained "unacceptable" cuts to old age pensions and student allowances, while the LCP refused to support Silviu's proposed budget which conflicted with their campaign promise to balance the federal budget.

Although both sides of the debate agreed that raising taxes in the middle of a recession was not feasible, Pavlovic and the Liberal-Conservatives in Parliament wanted to see across the board spending cuts, in opposition to President Silviu's desire to take the Keynesian approach and allow for temporary deficit spending to increase aggregate demand.

On March 2nd LET 47, the two sides were still unable to reach a deal, causing the federal government to shut down for over a week. Thousands of non-essential workers, including bureaucrats, teachers and nurses were sent home from work with no pay, while federal government managed sites such as national parks were closed down.

The government shutdown caused the EXE and other global markets to falter, while the temporary loss of public sector jobs did billions of Tsenyens worth of damage to the already weak Radiatian economy.

Although Pavlovic stated that she would continue to refuse to allow a vote on the budget to take place until the Silviu Administration agreed to balance the budget, eventually colleagues within the LCP - including Senate Majority Leader Alexander Ivanov forced Pavlovic to schedule a vote on a continuing resolution, which was passed and thus ended the shutdown.

A full budget was passed a week later, with Silviu agreeing to make small cuts in social spending in exchange for the LCP agreeing to make small cuts in the budget of the Federal Police Agency and the Federal Justice System.

The fallout from the Federal Government shutdown scandal hurt Pavlovic politically - she, rather than the President, was blamed and as a result she did very poorly in the LET 48 Liberal-Conservative Party primaries.

LET 52 election

Pavlovic's second run for President was much more successful, thanks to key victories in the Saku Primary as well as in her home state of Clode. However, as her campaign went on she lost momentum in the face of more intense challenges from Alexander Ivanov and Gregori Fyoderov.

Fearing that Ivanov would lead the Liberal-Conservative Party to its third consecutive defeat in the Presidential elections, due to the scandals plaguing him, and fearing that having both herself and Fyoderov on the ballot would split the party's liberal vote, Pavlovic agreed to withdraw from the race in exchange for a joint ticket with Fyoderov.

The Fyoderov/Pavlovic ticket was ultimately victorious in the LET 52 elections.


Pavlovic was sworn in as President of the Radiatian Federation on January 30 LET 57, following the Impeachment of Gregori Fyoderov. She is the first woman to hold that office.

Political positions

Pavlovic has described herself as being a "fiscally conservative social liberal", even going so far as to label herself a progressive conservative.

She has notably taken on a number of socially liberal positions, especially on the death penalty, immigration, human rights and gender equality.

However her economic views have tended to be more right-wing, advocating freemarkets, although she differs from many Liberal-Conservatives for her support of a welfare state. Pavlovic has stated that while she supports the existence of public education, healthcare and social welfare, she believes that such programmes should be managed at a state or local level, and not at a federal level.

As Radiatia's Ambassador to the HL, she also took a fairly nationalistic position, generally opposing any HL resolution which she felt with impinge upon Radiatia's national sovereignty. Despite this, she voiced her staunch opposition to the "Rexit" and stated her belief that Radiatia should continue to work the HL and other, similar international organisations.

She also is a major proponent of free trade and has on many occasions called for the complete abolition of tariffs.

Personal Life

Pavlovic is married to former Defence Minister Arkadi Pavlovic, with the RPNN naming the Pavlovics as one of Radiatia's most influential political families. Due to their hectic work schedules, and the fact that the couple often travel extensively at different times, the Pavlovics have no children.

Although she represented a constituency in Clode, Pavlovic and her husband resided permanently in a house in the suburbs of Xerconia, FCT. The couple now reside in Level 99 of the Executive Tower.

Pavlovic said in an interview in LET 49 that "I have made no secret of my Presidential ambitions. I believe that a woman can, should and will be President of our nation one day, and I believe that I am a woman who is also fully capable of being our nation's President."