Allora of Ghant

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Allora of Ghant
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Duchess of Antenfoi
Princess of Ghant
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Princess Allora
Biographical Information
Other Titles
Full NameAllora Annalise Gentry
Ghish, Ghant
FatherPrince William of Ghant
MotherHelena of Innia
HouseHouse Gentry
ConsortAmédée II of Antenfoi
IssueAlys, Princess of Ghant
Marguerite of Antenfoi
Louis IX of Antenfoi
Blanche of Antenfoi
Jeanne, Queen of Eltanlurra
Hugues of Antenfoi

Princess Allora of Ghant, born 1925, was the Queen consort in Antenfoi in Lyncanestria, married to Amédée II of Antenfoi. She was the mother of the current King of Antenfoi, Louis IX, and the grandmother of Frederick of Antenfoi, Prince Consort of Afalia. Her great-grandson, Prince George of Verena, is also the heir to the Afalian throne.

Character and appearance


Early life


Later Life



Name Birth Death Notes
By Amédée II of Antenfoi
Alys of Antenfoi 1948 Married Prince Edward of Ghant; had issue
Marguerite of Antenfoi 1950
Louis IX of Antenfoi 1952 King of Antenfoi, married Princess Émilie of Lyncanestria; had issue
Blanche of Antenfoi 1954
Jeanne of Antenfoi 1957 Married King Emmanuel III of Eltanlurra; had issue
Hugues of Antenfoi 1959
Élise of Antenfoi 1964 1993 Married Joseph, Count of Winbourn; had issue