Aferi Worker's Revolutionary Front

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Aferi Worker's Revolutionary Front
Āferi Šeratenya Ābiyotawī Ginibari
Leader Haile Yitayew
Chairperson Haile Yitayew
Secretary-General Aregawi Tadesse
Slogan All Workers United for Socialism!
Founded September 16 1985
Headquarters Adulis, Aferi
Newspaper Iwineti
Youth wing Young Revolutionaries
Membership 13,560,981
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
People's Assembly
500 / 500

The Aferi Worker's Revolutionary Front is the ruling party of Aferi. Styled as a Vanguard Party in the Marxist-Leninist tradition, it has been the only legal party in the nation since the Socialist Vanguard Act in December 1985. It has led the Democratic People's Republic of Aferi ever since the Aferi Revolution of 1985.They also control the People's Assembly, the legislature of Aferi. The Aferi Worker's Revolutionary Front has been influential in the vast reforms of Aferi politics and society that have occurred since the revolution. Ideologically the party follows a somewhat revisionist interpretation of traditional Marxism-Leninism combined with some Aferi Nationalist and specifically Aferi social and economic ideals.





Betiko is the economic policy of the AWRF. The name Betiko is a shortened version of the term betibibiri īkonomīkisi, meaning cooperative economics. Betiko is base around communal living in semi-agrarian villages that provide their own food through farming and sell off their surplus on the state regulated domestic market. In the cities, there are communal gardens where some agricultural produce can be made. Mechanical products are distributed by need.