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The Democratic People's Republic of Aferi
Ye'Aferi Dīmokirasīyawī Sewochi Rīpebilīki
Flag Emblem
Flag Emblem
Motto: Bound by blood and labour
Anthem: Tenasa Teramed
and largest city
Official languages Amharic, Afar
Recognised national languages Amharic, Afar, Woneg, Sole
Demonym Aferi
Government Marxist-Leninist Military Junta
 -  Premier Safia Menkir
 -  First Comrade Haile Yitayew
 -  Crowning of first Emperor circa 1290 CE 
 -  Socialist Revolution 27 September 1985 
 -  2015 estimate 38,000,000 (2)
 -  2012 census 36,570,267
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
 -  Total 72 billion
 -  Per capita 1,895
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
 -  Total 30 billion
 -  Per capita 799
Gini (2012)negative increase 0.31
HDI (2012)Increase 0.563
Currency Mealek'i (AML)
Date format yyyy/dd/mm CE
Drives on the left
Calling code +372
ISO 3166 code AFE
Internet TLD .af

Aferi (Pronounced Ah-fur-ee), commonly known as The Democratic People's Republic of Aferi is a sovereign nation in The Western Isles. Aferi is a large nation, with a population of 38 million people. Aferi is home to many different ethnic groups, with the majority being the Amhara people. The capital city of Adulis is also the largest city in Aferi and is home to much of the national industry.

As a nation Aferi is highly underdeveloped. The majority of its citizens survive off almost subsistent agricultural practice, as farmers in collective farms are able to feed themselves before exports to stop starvation. Much of the population is illiterate and has little access to education, though this is improving quickly. Access to electricity and clean water are also problems is some areas.the economy is dependent on agriculture and light manufacturing.

Aferi was one of the first places to be inhabited by humans, with fossilised remains dating back to the early Neolithic Era. It is believed that the early Aferi man came from the Afer desert and spread across the isles, eventually becoming the descendants of several ethnic groups. For the majority of its long history Aferi has been ruled over by monarchs, beginning in around 670 CE with the crowning of King Tafari Mariam. While the rulers changed due to internal strife, the feudal system remained constant right up until the revolution in 1985.

Etymology and Terminology

The name Aferi comes from the Amharic word for dust. The name comes from the vast deserts in the interior of the nation, particularly the Afer desert which covers a fourth of the nation. Historical records show that the name Aferi has been used by outside nations as a shortened for of the full name Ke’Āferi Midiri (Amharic: Land of Dust) since around 300 BCE when traders first arrived on the shores of Aferi. The shortened name was first used officially in 1850 by the Aferian delegation to Atnaia as an attempt to ease the pronounciation difficulties of the ambassador, who had a lisp. Ever since then Aferi has been used as the official name, although Ke’Āferi Midiri is used on occasion.

The correct demonym for someone from Aferi is an Aferi, although Aferian is used often.



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