Adventures of Ghantboy

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The Adventures of Ghantboy
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Series 1 title card
Genre Off-color humor
Developed by Jon Adugo
Starring Ghantboy and Friends
Theme music composer Ion Alamoda
Opening theme "Ghantboy and Friends"
Composer(s) Azna Hardengui
Country of origin Ghant
Language(s) Ghantish
No. of series 4 (1965-1969, 1975-1988, 1991-1999, 2006-Present)
No. of episodes 495 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Bobo Gardugi
Location(s) Various places
  • Nathan Artokas
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor G Television
Original channel GBN One
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original run 15 May 1965 (1965-05-15) – present
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The Adventures of Ghantboy is an Ghantish animated television series, created by Ghantish animator John Adugo. The show premiered on May 15, 1965, on the Ghantish Broadcasting Network. The series focuses on the titular character: Ghantboy, a mischievous, foul-mouthed and amoral Ghantar.

The show has gone through several incarnations since its initial debut, and has received critical acclaim, and developed a cult following. Some critics credit it for leading the way for satirical animated shows, and for playing a significant role in television animation. Throughout its run, The Adventures of Ghantboy has been controversial for its off-color humor, sexual innuendo, and violence which were rare for television animation of the time. It remains a hit television show in any event with Ghantar of all ages.


Ghantboy is a brazen, sarcastic, and oftentimes downright rude Ghantar who lives to satisfy his needs and those of his friends...insofar as they satisfy his.

Ghantboy and his friends play various roles, from outer-space explorers to Medieval horse thieves to nature-show hosts, and can be at odds with each other. While the show was sometimes set in the past or the present day, and the show makes "contemporary" jokes that reference current events.

The show features a host of supporting characters; some only appear in a single episode, while others are recurring characters, who occasionally appear in different roles. Some of the supporting characters factor directly into the storyline, while others make brief cameos. Other characters are exclusively cameo-based, appearing in many episodes in scenes that have little bearing on the plot, as a running gag. Some notable artists and performers have voiced incidental characters on the show.


# Summary Artwork
'Ghantboy and Friends'
#1 Ghantboy: The main protagonist of the series, the show follows Ghantboy during his many questionable adventures. He engages in acts of dubious morality and pushes buttons...because he can.
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#2 Ghantgirl: Ghantboy's primary love interest. Ghantgirl is as mischievous as Ghantboy, and often has Ghantboy engage in demoralizing and self-depreciating acts in order to achieve her affections.
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#3 Gorgor: A dinosaur from northern Ghant, Gorgor is addicted to hard drugs and often has Ghantboy go on quests that see him seek them out. If Gorgor doesn't get his high, he will go into a berserker rage, and then it is usually up to Ghantboy and his friends to stop him before he destroys Ghant.
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#4 Mothman: The mysterious Mothman appears at highly unusual times to either help or hinder Ghantboy on his adventures.
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#5 Monkey Jesus: Monkey Jesus is just that...a monkey version of Jesus, who relies upon the teachings of the Gospel, and bananas, to aid Ghantboy on his quests.
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#6 War Sloth: A sometimes friend and sometimes enemy of Ghantboy, War Sloth is fond of his guns and his cigars...and does as he sees fit.
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#7 Kang: A wisecracking "thing," Kang often helps Ghantboy, although he is hardly ever fond of doing so.
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#8 Clubby: Clubby the Seal is a baby seal who wields a club, and is a constant friend and companion of Ghantboy...when he is in't out clubbing.
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#9 Simon: Simon the Salamander is from Dakmoor, and while he helps Ghantboy, he only does so when it suits him, and any other time is usually a hindrance to Ghantboy.
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#10 Pengi: Pengi the Penguin, while lacking in intelligence or wisdom, has a big heart and is loyal to Ghantboy, even at the expense of himself.
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