AV-3 Areion

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AV-3 Areion MBT
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Type Main Battle Tank
Service history
In service 2009-present
Used by Kouralian Flag.png Kouralia
Production history
Manufacturer Umano e Cavallino Tra Specie Costruzioni
Unit cost $15,534,200 NSD
Produced 2009-present
Number built {CLASSIFIED}
Variants AV-3/123
Weight 48,500 kg
Length 8.6m (hull)
11.4m (gun and hull)
Width 3.25m
Height 2.7m (turret)
3.1m (RCWS)
Crew 4 (Cmdr, Gnr, Drvr, Ldr)

Armor Chobham-Style Composite and AMAP-ADS (Optional NERA)
L/55 123mm Smoothbore (45rnds)
L/55 120mm Smoothbore (45rnds)
Engine Perkins CV-15 Diesel
1,600 hp
Power/weight 34.93 hp/t
Transmission David Brown TN54 epicyclic transmission (6 fwd, 2 rev.)
Suspension Hydropneumatic
Ground clearance 0.5m
Fuel capacity 1,592 litres
Speed 78km/h (road)
67km/h (off road)

The AV-3 Areion is one of the Kouralian Defence Technology Industry's major success stories, and currently has two separate models in service with countries worldwide, on top of the /123 model which is used by roughly 66% of the 'Armoured' sections of the Corps of Cavalry of the Royal Kouralian Army.

Overview and History

The Development of the Areion began in 2001, however lack of interest at the time ensured the project faded into insignificance. However, in late 2007 the Kouralian Military had expressed interest in a lighter 'Hammer' MBT to compliment the heavier Deimos 'Anvil' MBT. The Areion was put forward, in a modernised form which featured many minor upgrades and a Licensed Crookfur 123mm gun. Easily beating most contenders, the production began in January 2009, and the last unit took delivery of its vehicles in Mid-2012.

Uniquely among many Kouralian vehicles, the organisation which built it designed it to be easily able to be used by Humans and non-humans. Among those species which can be supported by modifications to crew-stations are Sapient Equines and certain types of beastlings.


The Primary Armament of the AV-3 is the G571 123mm L55 gun, License produced from the Crookfur Version. It is suitable to go toe-to-toe with other over-compensatory calibres such as 140mm, and still achieve acceptably damaging results. The main weapon is often used to propel the following munitions: M1 APFSDS, M2 HE, M3 HEAT, M4 Canister and M5 ATGM. The standard load-out is the M1, M3 and M5, with the remainder deployed as specialist munitions. The M5 is capable of engaging at ranges of around 10,000m and can penetrate about 1,200mm of RHA, the others generally engage at an extreme range of up to 8,000m. The M5 munition engages with top-down attacks from a minimum range of 1km. From there it plummets to impact on the weaker top-armour. The M5 uses SACLOS and IR tracking to engage its targets. The M1 is based on the M829A3 Penetrator used by the US Military in the year 2012. However, it has had the case and sabot increased to 123mm. It is designed to defeat many modern ERA systems through its sheer size - even when the ERA detonates, the fractured penetrator maintains enough integrity and momentum to penetrate armoured vehicles with partial efficiency.

The Coaxial weapons block on this tank is equipped with the KRA 15.5mm HMG. This weapon was chosen because it's sheer power enables it to defeat targets such as APCs and Helicopters which may normally find themselves protected from rounds even including 14.5mm Russian. However, as this round is uncommon among non-compensatory Sensibility-Peasants, the export version is offered with 12.7mm as standard.

Finally, the vehicle features a dual-weapon RCWS on the roof, in place of a Commander's Cupola weapon. Primarily this is fitted with a 40mm Grenade Machine Gun and a 7mm LMG. This can be refitted with a number of weapons, including dual 15.5mm HMGs for Air Defence or a low-recoil 25mm auto-cannon.


The Areion is protected by an advanced Chobham-Style Composite Armour, which is enhanced in effectiveness by applique sections. This is further enhanced by the mandatory applique armour additions which are used by every single Kouralian AV-3. The Less-palatable defence layers consist of NERA systems, AMAP-ADS systems and counter-measures including Thermal and Radar Resistant paint and laser dazzlers.


The AV-3 features the same advanced CV-15 Diesel engine which supplies power to the AV-1. However, this model is technically the CV-16, due to the sheer number of upgrades. This enables it to travel across roads at 78km/h and at 67km/h across the countryside. The system is designed to be easy to replace, and reliable. It's less-than-stellar yield is helped by the immense weight reductions compared to many comparable vehicles.

While the system is no more than marginally faster than the Deimos MBT and others like it, its low weight means the acceleration and cornering is exceptional: with little speed bleeding in the latter. Additionally, it is easily able to cross many bridges without the worry that they may collapse due to the extreme stresses involved in supporting 70-odd tonnes of tank.


The weaponry for the tank features a single main sight which is capable of calculating and aiming for all three main-axis weapons. This sight is capable of operating in low-light conditions, on the move , with input from the advanced Pegasus BatInt system, calculating range to target and with Infra-red vision modes. This enables the tank to reliably engage at long-range whatever the time or weather. The system can also use external laser designation to assist with the use of the guided munitions. For example, a rifleman can designate a target 6km in front of the vehicle and the tank can accept and lock on to the signal, firing from far behind the main line. The commander's station also includes the system for the roof-mounted RCWS, which features optical zooms, range finding, infra-red and low-light sighting. This system can be passed to the loader's station, enabling the commander to concentrate on other things in high-intensity situations not requiring the main gun to be loaded and fired.

Each crew member has a terminal for the tank's internal control system, which links to the Pegasus II Battlefield Intelligence network. This means that information can be reliably shared around the tank, such as the commander designating an objective and simultaneously identifying likely threat directions to the gunner, and way-points for the driver. These systems feature tough and waterproof computers, keyboards and touch screens. The commander also has access to a tactical interface system which uses USB and Digital Versatile Disks to enable quick transfer of information to the tank's central computer and allowing the commander to access information on his screen, simultaneously showing it on other screens. This allows the commander to demonstrate his battle plan to the whole platoon, similarly to the model method of The Infantry. It has the added benefit of allowing the commander to put on a DVD for the whole crew to enjoy.

The tank features an advanced armoured communications system, as a part of the whole Pegasus II network. This enables secure transmissions between crew members and to other tanks, even enabling individual commanders to talk at up to Company Level, if this is deigned necessary.

As additional amenities, the vehicle features a Boiling Vessel and small water supply to enable the crew to cook rations or make tea. The vehicle is capable of a full NBC shut-down for a length of time not to exceed 72hrs. This means the tank is also fitted with a toilet in the commander's seat to enable the crew to survive for that time without leaving the vehicle.