AMX Napoleon

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AMX Napoleon
Amx 60xxi.png
An AMX Napoleon Series III main battle tank
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Sieuxerr
Service history
In service 1997-Present
Used by Sieuxerr
Production history
Designer GIAT Industries
Designed 1997
Manufacturer GIAT Industries
Unit cost $8,500,000 USD
Produced 1996-
Number built 1,350
Variants Séries I
Séries II
Séries III
Séries III/A
Specifications (Séries III)
Weight Séries III:
  • 57.7 tonnes (Basic)
  • 65.8 tonnes (Combat)

Séries III/A:

  • 59.5 tonnes (Basic)
  • 68.1 tonnes (Combat)
Length Séries III:
  • 6.88 m (w/o gun)
  • 9.87 m (w/ gun)
Width 3.6 m
Height 2.53 m
Crew 3 (Commander, gunner, driver)

Armor Laminated steel/ceramic/composite mixture along with modular armor packages
Séries I/II/III: GIAT CN120-26/52
(40 rounds)
AA-33/CL coaxial
(1,500 rounds)
AA-33/CL on an RWS mount
(900 rounds)
Engine 8-cylinder diesel engine
1,500 horsepower (1,100 kW)
Power/weight 22.8 hp/t (16.7 kW/t)
Transmission Automatic SESM ESM500
Suspension hydropneumatic
Fuel capacity 1,300 ℓ (1,700 ℓ with fuel drums)
550 km (650 km with fuel drums)
Speed 70 km/h

The AMX Napoleon is the main battle tank of the Sieuxerrian Army. It is a third generation main battle tank designed in the early 1980s to replace the AMX-45. Due to its expensive electro-optical gunnery system, the use of titanium and other composite materials, has made the AMX Napoleon one of the most expensive main battle tanks in the world.

Variants and upgrades

  • Séries I: First production model. 420 produced before being superseded by the Series II.
  • Séries II: First produced in 2003, fixed a number of issues found with the previous Series I.
  • Séries III: Current production model developed in 2006. Replaces most steel armor with titanium armor, and also adds additional thicker modular armor systems along with ERA along the sides of the turret.
  • Séries III/A: Upgrade featuring improved electronics. Can be easily applied to any Series III standard Naploeon.
  • AMX-64: Using the original Séries I production chassis, the AMX-64 was designed to provide armored formations with heavy reconnaissance abilities along with a secondary role in supporting tanks in situations that the tanks may be at a disadvantage.
  • AMX Levavasseur: Using a modified Leclerc chassis, The Levavasseur is loosely defined as an 'Advanced Third Generation Tank' due to its new technology, however its still applied to a modified AMX Napoleon chassis.
  • AMX Napoleon Anti-Air: AMX Napoleon chassis modified with an 8-tube SMUG-AA launcher.
  • Engin Principal du Génie: Armored combat engineering vehicle.
  • Dépanneur du Char Napoléon: Armored recovery vehicle.