Antiden–Sarasir War

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Antiden–Sarasir War
Part of the Third Great War
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Date 14 January – present
(6 months and 2 weeks)
Location Sarasir-Antiden border
Status Ongoing
Supported by:
 Republika Srpska
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 Grozav Inima
Supported by:
Commanders and leaders
Sarasir Masheer al-Assad
Sarasir Ghaazi el-Salame
Sarasir Marzooq el-Mansur
Sarasir Ali el-Karimi
Sarasir Jafar al-Irani
Republika Srpska Slobodan Popović
Republika Srpska Nikola Lazarević
Republika Srpska Bojan Obrenović
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Ise Adar
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Laurent Sidibé
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Lanūdjeta mam Mijadğjeres
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Abdullah II Halefisi
Grozav Inima Petre Balan
Grozav Inima Ilarion Fazekas
Units involved
Sarasir Sarasir Army
Sarasir Sarasir Air Force
Sarasir Sarasir Republican Guard
Sarasir Sarasir Navy
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Antiden Armed Forces
Grozav Inima 128. Mechanized Combat Regiment
Grozav Inima 13th Combat Strike Squadron
Sarasir 80,000-100,000
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Grozav Inima 4,500
Casualties and losses
Estimated 7,000 to 10,000
Estimated 6,000 to 10,000
Civilian casualty estimates range from 1,500 to 30,000

The Antiden–Sarasir War is an ongoing military conflict between the Republic of Sarasir and the Republic of Antidem. Though starting before the official commencement of the Third Great War, the quick involvement of Republika Srpska on the side of Sarasir and Grozav Inima on the side of Antidem quickly transformed it into a part of the wider, global conflict.



Border skirmishes

Al-Infitar missile attack

On 19 January 2017, the 69th Missile Brigade of the Sarasir Army launched a battery of four al-Infitar short-range ballistics missiles at the brigades of the Antiden Army that have entered Sarasir territory. The missiles caused a large amount of damage, helping the Sarasir Army and the Sarasir Republican Guard repel against the Antiden Army. Sarasir has managed to push Antiden forces back, nearly beyond the border, and only with a few remaining ground holdings in the south. Following this event, the Republic of Grozav Inima intervened in the war three days later after the missile attack.

Grozav Iniman intervention