15.5 cm T155c L/45 Decimator

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15.5 cm T155c L/45 Decimator
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15.5 cm T155c L/55 Decimator
Type Tank gun
Place of origin  Tarsas
Service history
In service 2014-present
Used by Tarsas
Production history
Designer Anacom Industries
Manufacturer Anacom Industries
Produced 2012 - Present
Weight 30.1 tonnes
Length 8.34 m
Barrel length 7.8 m

Shell 15.5cm two-piece combustible
Shell weight 50 kg
Caliber 155 mm
Breech Sliding block
Recoil 800 mm
Muzzle velocity 1.95 km/s (APFSDS)
Effective range 8,000 meters

The 15.5 cm T155c L/45 Decimator is a new generation tank gun designed in Tarsas to go aboard the T13125 Atlos main battle tank and increase its armament capability. It's sister gun, the 15.5cm T155b L/55 Decimator is currently the main armament of the TD-33 Lion tank destroyer. The gun was developed directly to confront the emergence of highly advanced tank armor. It is apart of the 21st Century Armor Directive.


The Decimator was designed by Anacom Industries as the successor to the 12.5cm L/58 G05T, the previous main armoured weapon featured on Tarsan MBTs. It was developed after a call by military commanders for something to counteract other nations developing larger and larger guns. It was debuted in 2010 and produced from 2012-2014, after which it entered service.


The Decimator is an extremely heavy weapon that contains an independent motor for movement without a towing carriage. Due to the weapon's weight, the engine periodically has problems moving the weapon, especially up hills. The primary purpose of the gun was for use aboard armoured vehicles. It is fully able to engage at extreme ranges and fire Anti Tank Guided Missiles. The primary downside of the weapon has proven to be its extreme weight and already, a variant composed of lightweight and much stronger materials is planned.


155 mm smoothbore ammunition


  • T155c TGP - Towed variant introduced for use with defensive emplacements.
  • T-155c STSPG - Standalone self propelled variant designed to replace the TGP. Equipped with an engine for limited movement.
  • T-155c AVC - Armored vehicle variant introduced in 2014. To be used on all future Tarsan tanks.


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