Vladimir Perry

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The Most Honourable

Vladimir Perry
3rd Vice President of the Radiatian Federation
In office
February 6 4057 – October 10 4060
PresidentAngela Pavlovic
Preceded byAngela Pavlovic
Succeeded bySteven McCarthy
Premier of Alayenia
In office
May 23 LET 40 – June 12 LET 44
Preceded byRadimir Nikolek
Succeeded byVladimir Angelov
Personal details
Born Vladimir Ronald Perry
15 October LAI 991 (age 64)
Taigluntz, Alayenia
Political party Liberal-Conservative Party
Other political
Spouse(s) Anya Perry
Children 2
Alma mater University of Northern Alayenia
Profession Doctor

Vladimir Ronald Perry (born 15 October LAI 991) is a Radiatian politician and current Vice President of the Radiatian Federation. He previously served a single term as Premier of the State of Alayenia from LET 40 to LET 44.

Perry was a doctor for years before entering politics, and was one of the founding members of the short-lived New Liberal Party. He was the only member of the NLP to win a State Premiership. He became a Liberal-Conservative following the merger of the NLP and the Conservative Party.

He ran for President in LET 44, LET 48 and LET 52, winning several primaries in the latter two elections however was unable to gain the LCP's nomination each time.

He is well known for his staunch libertarian views and commentators have noted that though he has a loyal following on the fringes of Radiatian politics, he is often considered "too extreme" by the mainstream establishment. Nevertheless, he did managed to govern Radiatia's largest state and was ultimately selected by Angela Pavlovic to be her Vice President in LET 57.