Twenty-eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Carloso

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Twenty-eighth Amendment of the Constitution Bill 2018
To establish Christianity as the state religion of Carloso
Location Carloso
Date10 November 2018 (2018-11-10) (proposed)
Result not yet known
Results by constituency
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The Twenty-eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Carloso (State Religion) Bill 2018 is a proposed amendment to the Carlosian constitution that would establish Christianity as the state religion of the Federal Republic of Carloso. The bill was proposed and supported by the Executive Council of President Tobón and has been approved by the Parliament of Carloso. The 10 November 2018 has been proposed as a tentative day for the vote to occur. Christianity is already recognised as having a special position within the constitution, however Carloso is considered to be a de jure secular state. The referendum is supported by National Salvation and opposed by every other party in parliament, including the Conservative Party, Democratic Party, Socialist Republicans, the Synarchist Union, Communist Party and most independents.


Proposed change to the text

The proposed change is highlighted in bold.

Christianity shall be the religion of the State. The State recognises the special position of the Christian churches in Carlosian society as being necessary for public morality and order.

3º The State officially recognises the religious communities of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church, the Church of Carloso and the Presbyterian Church in Carloso as being the Christian churches. The State also recognises the community of Jews in Carloso. No harm shall be done to any of these religious communities by the State.

4º The Christian churches, as the guardians of the Faith professed by the great majority of Carlosian citizens, shall be afforded the utmost protection of the State.

5º The State shall not legislate against the free expression of religious worship and belief by its citizens.

6º The definition of a Religion and a Cult shall be subject to legislation...

Responses to the referendum campaign

Party policies

Parties with representation in the Parliament of Carloso

Position Political parties
Yes National Salvation
No Conservative Party
Democratic Party
Socialist Republicans
Synarchist Union
Communist Party

Unlike the other parties, the Synarchist Union actually argues that the proposed referendum is too broad, and favours an amendment that would make Roman Catholicism the sole state religion of Carloso.

Minor parties

Position Political parties
Yes National Catholic Party
Facción Soberana
Monarchist Party
Libertarian Party
The Alternative
Workers United
Feminist Action
Maoist Party


  • The Catholic Church in Carloso has endorsed the referendum, though Archbishop Ezequiel Semprún of Madrigal expressed preference for Roman Catholicism, rather than Christianity as a whole, to be recognised as the state religion of Carloso.
  • The Carlosian branch of the International Shiva Consciousness Foundation, which is based in Haxton, Ebon, expressed its concern about the proposed amendment. Sannyasini Shanaya endorsed a No vote.
  • The Society of Muslims; the primary organisation representing Carloso's estimated 5,000-strong Muslim community, is encouraging a No vote on the referendum.
  • The Congregation of Kogyokist Christians in Carloso, mainly representing Nifonese expats, welcomed the proposed referendum and endorsed a Yes vote.

Opinion polls

Polling organisation/client Sample size Yes No Undecided Lead
13–18 September 2018 RTC News 2,000 40% 37% 23% 3%
9–16 September 2018 Strategy Hub/Haxton Tribune 1,500 46% 33% 21% 13%
7–12 September 2018 Roldán Analytics/Madrigal Times 1,750 43% 35% 22% 8%