Tito Pérez

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Tito Pérez
27th President of Santa Rosa
Assumed office
20 August 1990
Vice PresidentCarmella Grosso
Preceded byRaul Romero
Israel Pozo (acting)
Mayor of Ciudad Beldad
In office
8 July 1982 – 8 July 1990
Personal details
Born Ernesto Gael Pérez Peña
26 April 1942
Rio del Mar, Santa Rosa
Political party PSD

Ernesto Gael "Tito" Pérez Peña (born 26 April 1942) is a Santa Rosan politician and the 27th President of Santa Rosa since 20 August 1990.

Political career

Presidency (1990–)

Foreign policy

The foreign policy of Tito Pérez deviated from the mainline non-interventionist stance of his party. In the first year of his presidency, Pérez deployed Santa Rosan peacekeeping forces in Lache and Occitania to enforce a ceasefire. Additionally, he supported regimes that were combating rebellions, such as the American Federation. Pérez attributed his foreign policy to "maintaining stability home and abroad."