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  • A magnitude 9.4 earthquake triggers a massive tidal wave causing significant damage to several countries in the Central Ocean Basin (pictured).
  • In the Seketese General Election, the opposition Socialist Party defeats the incumbent government and forms a minority government with the Liberal Democrats, making Eris Kellisyen the new Prime Minister.
  • Hollinsgurd is left in disarray after the People's Democracy Party is dismantled, 92 senators and 340 House of Leaders representatives suspended and Ductor Yuna Repina calls for a snap election.
  • Kazakovia's Federal Assembly elections have concluded, with the United Communist Front winning 64 out of 100 seats and Rustem Sivatovich, its current Chairman, assuming the position of Grand Marshal.
  • Alizeria elects a hung parliament for the first time in 127 years.
  • Chairman of Irvadistan Amin Kamel and his government are overthrown in a coup d'état.
  • A ship operated by Kelonnan environmentalist group Tawerdh Gruna rams a Griffincrest oil rig.
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