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National Territory of Sturhlund
Sturhlund Nasjonalterritorium
Map of the Islands of Sturhlund
Official languages Navish
Demonym Sturhlundian
Sovereign state  Navack
Government Administrative Territory
 -  President Helle Schanke
 -  Vice-president Oskar Barsness
 -  Regional Administrator Kjerstin Askholt
 -  estimate 15,768
Currency Navish Ør (NØ$)
Time zone NAT
Drives on the left
Calling code +64

Sturhlund is a Navish archipelago located in the North Ocean. The islands are situated on the north of mainland Asura, being halfway between Navack and the North Pole. The archipelago is formed by three main islands: Velbri, Fredvia, and Oskurg, with about 70% of the population living in those islands. Velbri is the largest island and city where over 55% of the population can be found. Sturhlund is not part of any Navish State, but is classified as a National Territory.

Since 1982, Sturhlund has had important progress towards larger independence from the Navish National Government. The archipelago has elections for the Regional Administrator every fourth year, following the elections in mainland Navack. Sturhlund is the only Navish territory that sends more Senators to the congress than Deputies. As an official Navish territory, Sturhlund has the right to elect three Senators, but it can only elect two Deputies, being the less represented territory in the Chamber. The island of Verden is the most northern inhabited island of Sturhlund, being considered as the northernmost inhabited settlement in Asura, and one of the most across Aeia.

The territory has been an important key factor for the successful Navish economy. In 1980, a large amount of oil was found near the island of Svartøy. As exploration began to boom, new reserves were found both in and out of the archipelago, producing over 67% of the Navish oil. The people that live in Velbri, Fredvia, and Oskurg enjoy a considerable urban life, basing its economy on services. However, the surrounding minor islands have a mostly fishing-based economy, with small villages and communities. The Navish Navy has used the Sommeren Island Chain as a naval base for decades, sharing training programs and bases with allied nations from the CDN. Research Centers from all over the world also have interest in the islands as a good location for scientific research.

Sturhlund flag