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Steven McCarthy
9th President of the Radiatian Federation
Assumed office
September 15 4064
Vice PresidentJosko Ivers
Preceded byJaagen Autenberg
4th Vice President of the Radiatian Federation
In office
October 10 4060 – September 15 4064
PresidentJaagen Autenberg
Preceded byVladimir Perry
Succeeded byJosko Ivers
Radiatian Federal Senator from South Corpshire
In office
November 24 4056 – October 10 4060
Serving with Lisa Huffmann
Preceded byNigel Matfey
Succeeded byMladen Lafrentz
Personal details
Born Steven Herbert McCarthy
August 21 4017 (age 47)
Elmyra, South Corpshire
Political party Social Democratic Union
Spouse(s) Ksenia McCarthy
Children 1
Alma mater University of South Corpshire
Profession Lawyer

Steven Herbert McCarthy (born August 21 4017 NC) is a Radiatian politician who served as Vice President of the Radiatian Federation during the Autenberg Administration. He was elected to succeed Autenberg on September 8th 4064.

McCarthy was born in the rural hamlet of Elmyra, South Corpshire, the son of a farmer and is the first Radiatian President born after the collapse of the Radiatian People's Socialist Union.

He studied law at the University of South Corpshire, and served as a lawyer for a year before being elected to South Corpshire's state Parliament. In 4056 NC he ran for the Senate and was elected the Class I Senator for the state of South Corpshire.

In 4060 he sought the Social Democratic Union's nomination to run for President but ended his campaign early, instead endorsing Jaagen Autenberg. Autenberg went on to select him as his running mate and, to the surprise of many pundits, won the subsequent election.

Autenberg announced in 4064 that he was suffering from cancer and did not wish to seek a second term, endorsing McCarthy who went on to win the primaries and the election.

McCarthy's landslide election victory was the second highest margin of victory ever recorded and the highest ever for a candidate seeking their first term.