Radiatian Presidential Election, 4064

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Radiatian Presidential Election, 4064
Radiatian Federation
← 4060 September 8 4064 4068 →

All 557 electoral votes of the Electoral College
279 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout70.4% (voting eligible)
  SMccarthy.jpg Perry.jpeg
Nominee Steven McCarthy Vladimir Perry
Party Social Democratic Union Liberal-Conservative Party
Home state South Corpshire Alayenia
Running mate Josko Ivers Taisiya Pearce
Electoral vote 543 14
States carried 42 + FCT 3
Popular vote 78,987,018 57,197,495
Percentage 58% 42%

Presidential election results map. Blue denotes states won by
Perry/Pearce, and Red denotes those won by McCarthy/Ivers.
Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

Jaagen Autenberg
Social Democratic Union

Elected President

Steven McCarthy
Social Democratic Union

The Radiatian Presidential Election of 4064 was held on September 8th 4064. The result was a landslide victory for incumbent Vice President Steven McCarthy, who defeated former Vice President Vladimir Perry.

The election was the first held since the admission of eight new states to the Radiatian Federation, bringing the total number of electoral votes available to 557. It was also the first held since the adoption of the Nocturian Calendar.

McCarthy carried 42 out of 45 states - easily more states than have ever been carried by another candidate and breaking the record held for the most electoral votes carried in an individual election, and the biggest margin of victory for a first term candidate.

In terms of popular vote he won 58%, second only to Gregori Fyoderov's 61% in 4056. In terms of individual votes cast he won the second highest tally after Jaagen Autenberg in the previous election, with more than 78 million votes cast for him.

The voter turnout was 70% - lower than the previous election but still higher than average for a Radiatian election.

The Social Democratic Union also maintained their hold on both chambers of the Radiatian Federal Parliament.