Prime Minister of Ceardia (NA)

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Ceardia
Thomas McGovern.png
Thomas McGovern

since 8 December 2026
Office of the Prime Minister
Style The Honourable
Member of House of Delegates
Reports to Cabinet
Residence The Governor House
Nominator House of Delegates
Appointer President of Ceardia
Upon nomination by the House of Delegates
Term length The prime minister can serve as long as they wish upon the basis that they are supported by the House of Delegates

The Prime Minister of Ceardia (commonly referred to as the prime minister or PM) is the head of government of Ceardia and the head of the cabinet. If anyone is to become the prime minister they must first be a member of the House of Delegates, must win the nomination for the premiership and must be appointed by the president (the president is constitutionally obliged to appoint the prime minister when they are elected). The prime minister is also subject to questioning by both legislative houses and is ordered by law to debrief the president every 4 weeks. The prime minister is also the first in the order of succession. The prime minister can serve as long as they like as long as they can command a majority in the house.

The office has a long standing history. It was created in 230 BGW under the leadership of Charles Gilbert the office predates that of the president which was only created after the Ceremonial Powers Act. The prime minister is the only government executive position that has not changed its de jure name since its creation. However its powers have varied across the centuries. Under Gilbert the prime minister had huge powers and could rule by decree. This was removed when Benedict Rubio was forced to give up power after a number of abuses. There have been multiple coups in ceardias history and this has led to the office being increased with considerable power.

The current prime minister is Thomas McGovern who was appointed in December 2026. He is a member of the Social Democratic Party and took over for Douglas H. Smith after his death in December 2016.

List of Prime Ministers

Portrait No. Name Term Start Term End Political Party
Charles Gilbert.jpg 1 Charles Gilbert 230 262 Federal Republican Party
George Osborne.jpg 2 George Osborne January 262 February 301
Alexander Rubio.jpg 3 Alexander Rubio February 301 September 307
75px 4 Sean Desmond October 307 January 359 Liberal Party
75px 5 Julius Herman January 359 September 410 The First Junta
6 Michael Herman September 410 July 426
8 Alex Herman November 426 February 458
9 Nicholas Herman February 458 May 471
10 James Webb May 471 July 474
75px 202 Peter Johnson 29 December 1906 3 September 1916 National Conservatives
Benedict Zworska.jpg 203 Benedict Zworska 3 August 1916 5 November 1919 Unionism Party
Barry Hawkins.jpg 204 Barry Hawkins 11 November 1919 30 June 1928 The Third Junta
205 Carson Pearson 2 July 1928 19 April 1937
Bobby Kirkland.jpg 206 Bobby Kirkland 25 April 1937 1 February 1943
75px 207 Harold MacMillan 4 February 1943 15 April 1975 Democratic Reform Party
75px 208 Morgan Quinn Jr. 16 May 1975 31 August 1983
209 Jeremy Finch 2 September 1983 30 October 1988
75px 210 Theodore Johnson 22 November 1988 5 February 1992 National Conservatives
75px 209 Stanley Walliams 12 February 1992 22 December 1997 Socialist Party
Howard Greenman.jpg 209 Howard Greenman 26 February 1998 29 April 2003 National Conservatives
210 Eileen Thomas 13 July 2003 20 November 2005 Liberal Democrats
James McDonald.jpg 211 James McDonald 26 November 2005 2 December 2012
212 Martha Williams 13 January 2013 13 March 2019 National Conservatives
Douglas H. Smith.jpg 213 Douglas H. Smith 9 May 2019 8 December 2026 Social Democratic Party
Thomas McGovern.png 214 Thomas McGovern 9 December 2026 Incumbent Social Democratic Party