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North Kwontyani Province
남쪽 퀀탼이
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Country Anikatia
Area57,300 km2
35,604 sq mi
 • GovernorDam Jae-hong
Population (2015 estimate)
 • Total9,332,615
 • Rank5th
 • Density162.9/km2 (422/sq mi)

North Kwontyani is a province of Anikatia, with its capital at Aekyongju.


North Kwontyani was traditionally played one of major part in dynastic period. It was one of the areas that suffered greatly under the colonial period.



North Kwontyani is situated on the north-eastern islands off the mainland of Anikatia.


The area of North Kwontyani contains a large portion of the Anikatian tropical rainforests and woodland areas. The province is renowned for its fish and seafood.

Cities and parks

The main cities in the province are Aekyongju (the provincial capital) and Chengsaeon.


The climate is tropical with and extremely hot monsoonal climate with average annual rainfall ranging from 500 to 1,500 millimetres (20–60 in). In summer along with the higher temperature and there is high humidity, but in winter the weather can be rather mild.

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