Mydro-Lhaeraidh Accord

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Mydro-Lhaeraidh Accord
Midrasia-Lhaeraidh Cytuniad
Traité de Mydrazia-Lhaeraidh
AbbreviationM-LA, M-LC, TdM-L
FounderMidraisa, tir Lhaeraid
Founded atLotrič, Midrasia
Legal statusActive
Signing Date
23rd May 1988
Latest Amendment
7th Aurharbwr Conference
(8th September 2014)

The Mydro-Lhaeraidh Accord also referred to as M-LA is a bilateral treaty between Midrasia and tir Lhaeraidd which was formalised and signed in 1988.


Diplomatic relations between Midrasia and tir Lhaeraidd had been consistently positive ever since the 1870s when the Lhaeraidh monarch engaged in a diplomatic offensive in order to secure significant military agreements with the Midrasian government. Over the succeeding decades a number of key diplomatic and economic agreements were formed between the two nations in order to secure their relations, which ultimately resulted in Lhaeraid involvement in the Great War alongside the Midrasians. Post-war the general attitude of tir Lhaeraidh's government was one of exhaustion and bitterness which gave rise to a period of somewhat frosty relations; however in spite of this atmosphere tir Lhaeraidh remained on relatively good terms.

In 1988, following the formation of the West Asuran Concordat between Arzoa and tir Lhaeraidd, Teyrn Bedwyr XV approached the Midrasian government requesting a summit to discuss the future of Mydro-Lhaeraidh relations and therefore the Concordat's position within Asura as a whole. What followed were a series of diplomatic meetings held in Lotrič, Midrasia, in which the initial terms of the Accord were agreed. To begin with the terms were tentative, Midrasia recognised WACO neutrality, and a free trade clause was agreed. Subsequent meetings in 1991, 1994, 1997, 2004, 2009, and 2014 moulded the Accord into the comprehensive document that exists today.

The Accord was officially signed by Prime Minister Rupert Languedoc of Midrasia and Teyrn Bedwyr XV of tir Lhaeraidd on the 23rd May 1988.

Summary of the Treaty

The Mydro-Lhaeraidh Accord's formal summary is given in the overview of the written document itself. The agreement covers almost all areas of Midrasia and tir Lhaeraidd's mutual relations and as such covers military, diplomatic, political, legal, and economic matters, making it one of the most comprehensive bilateral treaties in the world.

Military Agreements

The summarised points of the military agreement between Midrasia and tir Lhaeraidd are as follows:

  1. A full Non-Aggression Pact, including direct military activity as well as economic and covert attacks.
  2. A full Intelligence Disclosure Agreement, whereby intelligence data is freely shared upon request.
  3. A Recognition of Neutrality Pact, whereby Midrasia recognises the neutrality of WACO and its members.

Legal Agreements

The summarised points of the legal agreement between Midrasia and tir Lhaeraidd are as follows:

  1. A Mutual Recognition Agreement, whereby both parties recognise the legitimacy of their other's justice system and jurisdiction within its own territory, and respects the validity of their judicial rulings and sentences.
  2. An Extradition Treaty, whereby both parties agree to extradite convicted criminals, criminal suspects, and exchange citizens convicted of a crime in the other's jurisdiction.

Economic Agreements

The summarised points of the economic agreement between Midrasia and tir Lhaeraidd are as follows:

  1. An Open Trade Agreement, whereby both parties are able to openly and freely trade with the others and make use of their ports without the need for documentation.
  2. An Open Borders Agreement, whereby citizens may travel freely across the border without needing to stop and show identification.
  3. A Free Trade Agreement, whereby a free trading area exists between the two nations.
  4. An Educational Exchange Agreement, whereby students from either country may freely study in the other.