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Charles Vauban was the 36th Prime Minister of Midrasia and former leader of the Social Democratic Party, having served as party leader since May 2011 and Prime Minister from 2013 until September 2017. From 1979 to 1984 Vauban worked for the Neufchatel Educational Awareness fund, before joining Nord Banque as an investment banker. Vauban entered politics in 1990, running unsuccessfully as a PSD candidate for the constituency of Le Puy in 1991. However, he was successfully elected to Parliament in 1994 for the constituency of Sidona, in Hiverbourg, after its previous holder Thierry Wyre stepped down, and held this position until 2017.

Vauban served for several years as an MP before being appointed as Shadow Transport Secretary under the leadership of Mark Llalondec. Following the party's defeat in the 2006 election and Llalondec's resignation two years later, Vauban announced his candidacy for party leader. He came second in the first ballot, losing out to Robert Vivende, but won the popular election among party membership. Following the defeat of the Alydian Democratic Union in the 2013 general election, Vauban's party entered negotiations with the Liberals to form a coalition government. In April 2017, he was at the center of a corruption scandal, after allegedly providing corporate access to classified governmental meetings and summits. In May, a parliamentary investigation was launched into his affairs, which is currently ongoing. On 8 September, Vauban announced his resignation as leader of the Social Democrats and his retirement from politics "for the foreseeable future." (More...)

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