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The Republican Assembly is the legislative body of the Republican State of Tolmakia and its overseas territory. It alone possesses legislative supremacy, and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in Tolmakia and its territories. The assembly is bicameral and consists of the Republican State's Council and the Republican People's Assembly. Because of its routine associations with parliament, the Cabinet of Tolmakia is fondly regarded as the unofficial third component of the legislature by many prominent independent observers. Its current meeting place is the Republican House, which can be found in the outskirts of Meddli, Tolmakia, near the Embassy Complex.

The Republican Assembly was formed in 1965, initially as the legislative body of Western Tolmakia. Following the reunification of the nation, the Unified Tolmakian Assembly replaced the western Republican Assembly in 1975, although mostly in name only. Within the same year, the current Republican Assembly replaced the Unified Tolmakian Assembly. The parliamentary Republican Assembly was enlarged by several reforms, and at one point it had a peak member of 2,000 members. However, following the end of the 1998 Economic Recession, the 2003 Republican Act shrank the legislature to its current size. More...

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