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Ostry is an island in the Sturhlundic archipelago organised as the National Territory of Ostry, a national territory of the United Republic of Navack in Asura. Ostry possesses the right of self-governance in most domestic affairs, although as a territory the local government receives fewer responsibilities than that of a state. The Ostric regional government is headed by the Regional Administrator, who is considered the head of government and main executive role on the island. They are elected by popular vote in a two-round system every four years, with a limit of two terms in office.

Ostry is located in the eastern arm of the Sturhlundic archipelago, close to Glanish waters. The island, 310 square kilometres in size, is dominated by hills and mountains, which occupy the central portion of the island. Its highest peak, Biôła Góra, rests at 497 m (1631 ft) above sea level, and is considered a dormant volcano. Due to Ostry's hilly terrain, as well as its arctic climate, most of the island's population resides on the coast, primarily in the flatter southern portion. There are two main sources of water on the island, Lake Sóli and Lake Alicjë, both created by melting snow flowing from the mountain. Ostry, despite being by far the most populated island in the Sturhlundic chain, is considered one of the archipelago's smaller islands. (See more...)

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