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The Senrian-Xiaodongese War was a military conflict in Borea and Lahudica between the Republic of Senria and the Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire that lasted from the Xiaodongese invasion of Senria in May 1927 to the Treaty of Keisi in April 1933. The war traced its roots back to centuries of mutual distrust and conflict between Senria and Xiaodong, both of whom in the 19th century underwent political, economic and social modernization. In November 1926 the Senrian government ordered the unilateral annexation of Sakata, prompting Xiaodong to invade Senria in May 1927 amidst fears that the new Senrian regime would curtail Xiaodong's imperialist ambitions. From 1927 to 1929, Xiaodong made significant advances, seizing control of most of the island of Kitasuu, attempting assaults on the islands of Sadaisuu and Okasuu and destroying much of Senria's fleet. Senria was forced to halt its offensive in February 1931 with the start of the Ukyou Uprising; while Xiaodong ultimately put down the uprising, it was a pyrrhic victory for Xiaodong and prevented them from continuing any offensive operations.

By the time Xiaodong was capable of resuming offensive operations, in 1932, Senria had reconstructed its navy. The Xiaodongese navy was obliterated and Senria maintained naval superiority, effectively unopposed, for the remainder of the war. Xiaodongese troops in Senria, left without supplies and opposed on all sides, attempted to hold out; by June 1932, the Senrians had reclaimed the entirety of the Senrian archipelago from Xiaodongese control. Senria now turned its attention to Xiaodong itself; the Senrian military used its naval superiority to begin a blockade of Xiaodong, and its air force began a campaign of bombing aimed at destroying Xiaodong's industrial capacity and targeting civilian morale. After several months, a clique of military officers overthrew the Xiaodongese government in the March 8 Coup, with the new government surrendering to Senria, signing the Treaty of Keisi in May 1933. The Treaty stated that Xiaodong bore sole responsibility for the war, and agreed to pay extensive reparations to the Senrian government as compensation for the Senrian Genocide. (See more...)

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