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Asgård is the capital and most populous city of Sjealand. It has a municipal population of 1,672,456 and a larger urban population of 3,562,147. The city sits at the mouth of the Kongeelven river and is surrounded on the coast by the Asgård Skærgård. It is the largest Tynic-speaking city in the world, and was until the Continental War the largest city in Nordania. Today, it is regarded as one of Nordania's primary trend-setters in terms of culture, art and fashion. Asgård is host to the Tynic Commission and is the primary port on the Tynic Sea. Located in the southern part of Sjealand, Asgård is regarded as the principle city of Sjealandic design and nature, effectively combining the local flora with the urbanized core. Famous for its historical city-centre, the archipelago surrounding it and within it and for its high number of palaces, mansions and historical site, Asgård is often touted as a grand example of Nordanian city-building and is known for its high quality of life.

Thanks to its long history of trade and wealth, Asgård is regarded as a Capital of Culture for Nordania and is known as the City of Music. The city is the economic, cultural, governmental and royal centre of Sjealand and a major financial center with its stock exchange Statsbørsen. The economy has seen a rapid development in its service sector, focused especially on the many new initiatives made by independent companies in the 2000s. Asgård is home to Sjealand's oldest university, the University of Asgård, Southern Sjealands Business College, Southwestern Sjealands Technical University and the Asgård Academy of the Finer Arts. The city is also home to the three rival football clubs FC Asgård, FC Nørreport and FC Østerhavn, whose fans often clash in central Asgård. Asgård is among the most bike-friendly cities in the world. (See more...)

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