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Education in Indragiri is among the best in Aeia, with students ranking in the top five in international rankings. The education system is highly centralized, although the central government allows subdivisions to produce and add to the current mandatory curricula mandated by the ministry of education. The education system is divided into four groups: elementary (Pendidikan Dasar), secondary (Pendidikan Menengah), upper (Pendidikan Atas) and higher education (Pendidikan lanjutan). Higher education is the equivalent of universities or colleges abroad. The two republics plus the capital special region each get to decide two additional subjects to include in the regional-modified curriculum which caters to the different needs of different pupils in different places. Until only recently, all schools were government owned and funded, which makes all teachers in Indragiri a civil employee. Education is mandatory for 12 years and is free for all students Education takes up around 23% of the national budget, which is a huge amount. Albeit, classrooms are designed to fulfill the needs of the student, and in 2012, a bill was passed to standardize classroom quality in Indragiri to prevent an inequality among schools. As of 2016, classrooms in Indragiri were some of the best in Aeia thanks to a massive renovation project that started a year after the passing of the bill. (See more...)

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