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The Great War, also known as the Negaran Emergency, was a global conflict centred on Euclea that began on 7 June 1926 and lasted until the 12th of February, 1935. More than 37 million combatants and civilians died as a result of the war, worsened by the rapid pace of technological development employed by the belligerents in seeking an end to the conflict. The Great War saw the introduction of mechanised armies, atomic armaments, and air combat, and it remains the deadliest and largest conflict in Kylarian history to date.

The immediate cause of the war was the repatriation of international concessions by the Republic of Negara in the latter stages of the Negaran Revolution with the tacit backing of the Estmerish League. A number of Euclean states issued protests to Negara, but Gaullican attempts to form an international coalition to destroy Negara drew them into a war with Caltarania. A complicated system of alliances and Euclean colonial territories allowed the conflict to expand into a global war. More...

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