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The HTA-02 Jaguar II is a third-generation main battle tank designed and fielded by the Republic of Carthage and the Gozen Shogunate. It is named for the original T-42 Jaguar tank, the first electric tank fielded by Carthage, which entered service in 1943 and served successfully until the mid-1950s, when it was replaced by the conventionally-powered T-54 Lion. A successor to the HTA-01 Rhinoceros, the Jaguar is designed with improved firepower, armor and mobility over its predecessor, although it is significantly heavier, at 64 tonnes in its lightest configuration. It is the first Carthaginian main battle tank to not be named after one of the Big Five game.

Development began in the mid-1990s, and the tank was approved for initial introduction in 2011. Production continues as of 2014 and it is expected the Jaguar II will replace the Rhinoceros in most roles by 2018. It currently serves alongside the improved HTA-01DM, which incorporates some of the electronics improvements implemented in the Jaguar II. It is expected to remain the principal battle tank of Carthage through at least 2040 in upgraded forms. (More...)

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