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The 2017 Irvadi coup d'état was a coup d'état that took place in Irvadistan in May 2017 against state institutions, including the government and Chairman Amin Kamel. The coup was carried out by a faction within the Irvadi People's Defence Force with support from the Irvadi Freedom Defence Front that organized themselves as the National Stability and Prosperity Committee. They managed to seize control of several key places in Qufeira, Qush Tepa and elsewhere after confronting and defeating forces loyal to the state. The NSPC cited an erosion of independence, corruption, complicity in the rise of the Caliphate and relegation of the country as a puppet of Koyro among the reasons for the coup. The NSPC forces captured key targets in the capital, including the state media complex, all government ministries, the headquarters of the military, presidential palace and the ruling party's offices. In other cities, the NSPC forces captured radio and TV stations and detained senior members of the government.

During the coup, over 800 people were killed and more than 2,100 were injured. Many government buildings, including the former Parliament and the Presidential Palace, were bombed from the air. Mass arrests followed, with at least 40,000 detained, including at least 10,000 soldiers and Irvadi Socialist Union members. 15,000 education staff were also suspended and the licenses of 21,000 teachers working at private institutions were revoked under allegations of loyalty to the deposed government, by which more than 100,000 people have been arrested or fired from their jobs. Amin Kamel, his immediate family and several of his closest allies managed to escape arrest and fled to Koyro; however, a majority of the senior regime leadership were either killed or arrested during the coup.

The NSPC immediately formed a Provisional Military Government under the same name and declared martial law across all government-held Irvadistan, removing loyalist officers from the military and detaining party members and civil servants. The National Council for Salvation, the Irvadi Socialist Union and the constitution were all dissolved within a day of the coup's success. (More...)

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  • A magnitude 9.4 earthquake triggers a massive tidal wave causing significant damage to several countries in the Central Ocean Basin (pictured).
  • In the Seketese General Election, the opposition Socialist Party defeats the incumbent government and forms a minority government with the Liberal Democrats, making Eris Kellisyen the new Prime Minister.
  • Hollinsgurd is left in disarray after the People's Democracy Party is dismantled, 92 senators and 340 House of Leaders representatives suspended and Ductor Yuna Repina calls for a snap election.
  • Kazakovia's Federal Assembly elections have concluded, with the United Communist Front winning 64 out of 100 seats and Rustem Sivatovich, its current Chairman, assuming the position of Grand Marshal.
  • Alizeria elects a hung parliament for the first time in 127 years.
  • Chairman of Irvadistan Amin Kamel and his government are overthrown in a coup d'état.
  • A ship operated by Kelonnan environmentalist group Tawerdh Gruna rams a Griffincrest oil rig.

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