Kaurava main battle tank

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Endurance Main Battle Tank
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Place of origin  Madrastan
Service history
In service 2004-present
Used by Madrastan Army
Production history
Manufacturer Tada Motors
Number built 700 units
Weight 65 tonnes
Length 10.6m (gun forward)
Width 3.66 m
Height 2.9 m
Crew 4

Armor Composite armour (high hardness steel, rubber, titanium, ceramics), ERA
120mm L/52 rifled cannon
7.62mm co-ax, 12.7mm pintle mount
Engine Tata T-36 turbodiesel
Transmission Hydropneumatic
550km on road
Speed 55 kph on road

The Kaurava MBT is a Madrastani main battle tank design. The Madrastan Army realised that its fleet of Cavalier and Endurance tanks were becoming progressively obsolete and required replacement. Procurement specialists in the Ministry of Defence decided to license the Anikatian Type-73 as a stop gap, while developing a modern tank in the medium term future as domestic industrial and technological capabilities improve. The usual toxic mix of corruption, technological lag, industrial inefficiency and other factors delayed the tank's development process and it was not until the mid-2000s that the Kaurava was ready for service.

The Kaurava is not an entirely new platform. Realising that the technical and engineering challenges which must be overcome to create a modern MBT were far beyond the skills and ability of the Madrastani defence industry, its designers turned to creating a deep modernisation package for the Endurance. The original's cast steel turret was replaced by a brand new, welded-steel turret, equipped with modular composite armour which offers greatly improved survivability against modern threats. The exact composition of the armour is not well understood - the consensus among analysts is that it is a laminate of triple-hardened steel, rubber, titanium and ceramics (more specifically, alumina - Al2O3). Composite armour of similar construction is also installed on the glacis plate as bolt-on applique modules. Explosive reactive armour may be placed on top for increased resistance against HEAT rounds. The Endurance's 120mm rifled gun remains virtually unchanged, although the Kaurava features greatly improved lethality due to its upgraded fire control system - both the gunner's and the commander's stations received thermal imaging sights, the latter's mounted on a periscope to allow 360 degrees panoramic surveillance. This allows the commander to scan for targets independently of the gunner, as well as lay the gun and engage targets on his own, with both tied into a new digital fire control computer and tri-axis gun stabilisation equipment, allowing for accurate firing when moving over rough terrain. Finally, the Kaurava is equipped with an enhanced turbodiesel engine, offering more horsepower and, more importantly, improved reliability over the breakdown-prone original. Overall, despite its haphazard origins, together with modernised of the Type 73s in its service, the Kaurava is on balance the most capable tank of the Madrastan Army today.