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Republic of Katranjiev
Luziycan: Respublika i Katranjiev
Katranjian: Republika Katranjiev

Flag Coat of Arms
And this is the promised land, which the Lord hath given us
Anthem: [[]]
Hymn of Luziyca
Outline of Katranjiev
Outline of Katranjiev
Largest city Gijirokastra
Official languages Luziycan, English, Katranjian
Recognised regional languages Namorese, Danish
Ethnic groups (2010) Katranians (43%)
Luziycans (27%), Namorese (25%), Other (5%)
Demonym Katranian
Government Presidential federal republic
 -  King Apostol XV
 -  Prime Minister Viktor Kahut
 -  Party (TBC)
 -  From Namor March 25th, 1868 
 -  Reunification August 28th, 1997 
 -  Total 28,748 km2
11,100 sq mi
 -  2015 census 9,495,701
 -  Density 564/km2
1,460.8/sq mi
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total $436,792,750,299 (PPI)/$7,622,766,893,476 (Nominal)
 -  Per capita $45,999 (PPI)/$80,276 (Nominal)
Gini (2013)29.7
HDI (2015)0.913
very high
Currency Zlato (Z) (=100 tsent) (LUL)
Time zone (UTC-6)
 -  Summer (DST) (UTC-5) (UTC{{{utc_offset_DST}}})
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +1
ISO 3166 code KJV
Internet TLD .kj