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Geadland (pronounced /'gid.lənd/), known in Geadish as Gaudlund (full name Κογνερηικ Γαυδλȣνδ or Kogneraik Gaudlund, pronounced /'kɔx.nə.ʁeɪk 'gaʊð.lʊnd/), is a country located in the region of Esquarium with a population of 29 million. The country borders on Luziyca to the west and south and Namor to the east.

Geadland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Geads (Geadish: Gaudens) with the Geadish language being descended from Old Norse, but written with a modified version of the Greek Alphabet. The country also has a protected Swedish-speaking community which is concentrated on the northern island of Leghel and in neighbouring Horgalund. Geadland is one of the most densely populated countries in Esquarium, with a landscape consisting primarily of low-lying coast plains, islands and polders, though there are mountain ranges on the country's borders. Over a third of the population live on islands.

The country has the oldest monarchy in the region, which has reigned for 700 years save for an interruption from 1848-1868, usually sharing power with the Storting, Esquarium's oldest elected parliament. Modern Geadland is a constitutional monarchy, a parliamentary democracy, a unitary state and a founding member of the Esquarian Community. The capital city is Da Hegner, the third-largest city. More...

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In the News

Tavurvur volcano edit.jpg
  • Feliks Oleg, an Otekian man, is shot dead by a Kannei Namorese police officer in the town of Kovdor, Txotai, sparking speculations that the shooting may have been racially motivated. Local authorities have begun investigation into the incident.
  • The Miraka Puja of Victoriala has been prepared for its commencement next week after the end Feast of St. Roland last Friday. King Balasakra II plans the Puja to be the "most festive event in Telrania this 2014".
  • Kaië Ryio'qi, a volcano in western Trellin, erupts (pictured), with the death toll reaching eight hundred and sixty three. There is a significant response from Trellin's neighbours as they contribute to relief efforts in the immediate aftermath.
  • South Matanese people take to the streets in their millions and celebrate the one year anniversary of the United Republic's collapse; President Papamoku delivers inspiring speech urging the general public to "keep fighting the good fight."
  • In the 2014 Ghantish general election, the Independent Coalition wins in a landslide victory, securing a majority of seats in the Legebiltzarra. As a result, Dr. Nymun Izarbegiratzeak becomes the 25th Prime Minister of Ghant.

In the News of the Future

  • The Galactic League is founded on Azeban, part of the Sandail System.
  • The Korosian Robotic Empire begins the deportation of citizens of the Korosian Sector in Reserdan to what they call relocation centers.
  • The War of the Pizzas has started between the Ausitorian Reality and the Pizza Parlour at the End of the Universe over a continuously overwritten incident.
  • The Veronans (United Regions of Verona) await peace talks for the 22nd civil war, which has enwrapped almost all the nation for just over a year.
  • The Smoyan people prepare to vote for their next president.