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The history of Chelta began with the arrival of the Parmars, the indigenous people of the island of Chelta, who are believed to have first arrived from the Madayan Subcontinent around 4000 BC. An Iron Age Parmar culture developed and evolved in the Cheltish environment over five and a half millennia, including a distinct Parmar language. Throughout this time Chelta was also visited by traders and explorers from the Orient civilisations, such as the Macanese and Madayan civilisations.

The first Rhodean contact with Chelta is attributed to the Brentish Captain Henry Brooke, who discovered Chelta in April 1510 and claimed the island for the Brentish Crown. Brentish colonist settlement of Chelta ensued in 1522, when a penal colony was established at the location of what is now the city of Chelsea. Other colonial settlements were established in other locations around the island, mostly along the coast.

In 1700, the Cheltish colonial Parliament went to war with the imperial Brentish Crown over King Richard III's alleged violation of the rights of Parliament. The war ended with Parliament's victory in 1706, which was the catalyst for Parliament's declaration of Chelta's independence. The newly independent Realm of Chelta steadily became more influential in the world, both politically and economically, over the 18th Century, especially with its roles in conflicts such as the Umbrian Wars and the Archipelago War. More...

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  • Prime Minister Yula Zimya of Ghant (pictured) loses a no confidence vote by two votes in the Legebiltzarra, forcing a general election to take place on September 1, 2014.
  • The Qianrongese military has successfully tested a ten-kiloton nuclear weapon within its national waters, according to the nation's Ministry of Information.
  • The Vannish Embassy to Ceneria was destroyed by a immense explosion, killing 18 diplomatic workers.

In the News of the Future

  • The Korosian Robotic Empire begins the deportation of citizens of the Korosian Sector in Reserdan to what they call relocation centers.
  • The War of the Pizzas has started between the Ausitorian Reality and the Pizza Parlour at the End of the Universe over a continuously overwritten incident.
  • The Veronans (United Regions of Verona) await peace talks for the 22nd civil war, which has enwrapped almost all the nation for just over a year.
  • The Smoyan people prepare to vote for their next president.
  • The Third Federation of Danarian Clans and the Ularn Interstellar Federation have opened official channels, in direct response to friction over a star system called Deimoss, claimed by the Ularni. In response the Danarian Federation and the Ularn Federation have agreed to a joint venture in the system.